Introducing Hikvision everyone The worlda€™s biggest video security maker

Introducing Hikvision everyone The worlda€™s biggest video security maker

SIGNIFICANT! This design calls for non-standard firmware. Dont Install regular firmware (example. v.4.1.xx) about this unit. Doing so will permanently damage the body. You need to need personalized firmware v.4.1.25 from iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S goods webpage.

Look at the a lot of up-to-date form of this document here:

The I-series NVR (for instance the DS-7716NI-I4) is among Hikvision’s most widely used and feature-rich recorders. As such, lots of firmware changes happen released through the years to continually make sure the goods works with the most recent technology readily available. As a result of many changes, we recommend that the consumer closely employs the training below being reduce steadily the length of time spent as well as the possibility of problems.

Databases Optimization and Fix

As more affordable IP digital cameras tend to be introduced in the long run with better video clip resolution and information sizes, better database management in addition will become necessary. The introduction of firmware v4.0 caused a new database structure to become futureproof.

After improving to v4.X, the recorder database will need to be switched and improved. If you’re having problem where playback is anticipated although not receive, ensure “databases maintenance” is conducted as shown during the treatments and scenarios below.

Planning the improvement

Before continuing with improve, experts recommend that NVR setting file is actually shipped from NVR across system or to a nearby USB drive.

Updating from v3.4.92 build 170518 or Older

  1. All recorders must reach v3.4.92 before proceeding more. Upgrading from forms before v3.4.92 directly to any version of v4.X will more than likely cause the recorder to give up.
  2. In the event that recorder is at v3.4.92, a full factory default is extremely ideal before upgrading to virtually any version of v4.X. There was a top chance of unit failure (requiring RMA) in the event that device is certainly not defaulted before update.
  3. After attaining v3.4.92 and doing a full manufacturer default, an improvement directly to v4.50.00 is actually appropriate.
  4. Following upgrade is finished and recorder was reprogrammed, it might be good for perform a databases fix. For information, relate to the part “Database Optimization and maintenance” above.
  5. To verify maintenance advancement, you may make reference to the HDD condition, or lookup the recorder record for repairs started and stopped entries. Keep in mind that even though the HDD was repairing, brand new recordings will still be becoming made, many existing recordings is almost certainly not searchable until maintenance is complete.
  6. If you still see playback issues after database maintenance, verify there are no electricity, circle, or movement discovery issues. If the difficulty persist, contact tech support team.

Improving from Any v4.X create to v4.50.00.

  1. Any v4.X develop can be upgraded right to v4.50.00.
  2. Export setting is extremely ideal before doing the upgrade.
  3. If improving from any v4.X version that has been maybe not v4.22.005, a Database fix is advised. Make reference to Step 4 and onwards in the last area.


Downgrading isn’t recommended. Due to additional features and variables continuously are put, downgrading produces the NVR to plant default itself or call for a manual standard to use properly.

Look at the many updated form of this data here:K-Series DVR improve instructionThe Turbo 4 crossbreed DVR K series provides numerous brands and across different system and chipset. It also possess comparable firmware growth of other recording brand; DVR K series has also launched the GUI4.0 so that the show getting suitable toward new innovation readily available. The fresh new database structure can be lead into the DVR firmware v4.0 getting future verification as well as for better recording lookup enjoy.

Databases Optimization and Maintenance

As more inexpensive cams launched eventually with higher movie resolution and information models, more cost-effective databases control furthermore will become necessary. The development of firmware v4.0 brought on a database structure to be futureproof.After upgrading to v4.X, the recorder database must be changed and improve. If you should be experiencing dilemmas, where playback is anticipated not found, please ensure that you execute “databases Rebuild” as indicated in the procedures and scenarios below.

Organizing the update

Before proceeding with upgrade, it is recommend exporting DVR setup document from DVR within the system or to an area USB drive.

Actions after firmware improved

1. Upgrade the DVR according to research by the data over.

2. Reconfirming Station’s Tracking Routine

– verify route’s recording plan are enable.

– verify that the route is on correct tracking timetable.

3. Make Sure Space Position

– verify all station are allotted to register on their HDD team if the Storage style is under people Mode.

4. Conduct Database Rebuild locally.

a€? Some version above support Database Rebuild via internet accessibility – K51 and K72

a€? work databases Rebuild no matter if method is having any $3 deposit casino databases issue sign.

a€? Database Rebuild procedure are ordinary

30 to 60min per TB. The procedure might still may differ depends recording data.

a€? After Database Rebuild – see wood to confirm Database Rebuild possess moved thru effectively.

a€? If databases Rebuild Started and quit record was log merely within couple of minutes. Database rebuild may not has become complete properly. Its strongly recommend executing the databases Rebuild again.

a€? to test sign > System > Log > info > Database Rebuild Started and quit.

a€? If the log choice is not available – access system via SSH may also receive similar consequences.

5. Recording information is still lacking after database rebuild procedure.

In the event the facts will not be tape-recorded or has been overwritten, Database rebuild techniques is not able retrieve those shed information. Possess program upgraded on the newest readily available firmware variation above to avoid any upcoming facts lost are firmly suitable for all application.

By grabbing and utilizing program and various other items available via this great site, you accept to be lawfully bound by HIKVISION General Terms of usage . In the event that you dona€™t consent to these terms and conditions, may very well not download or make use of those supplies.

In case you are agreeing for your company, your represent and warrant you have legal expert to join business on standard regards to Use above. Also you signify and justify that you will be of appropriate chronilogical age of most for the jurisdiction in which you are living (no less than 18 years of age a number of region).

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