Supporting your visitors in the open! With public websites, it is possible to provide a community place your owners to go over usual issues acquire feedback, while however maintaining some types individual (payment, assignments, etc).

Supporting your visitors in the open! With public websites, it is possible to provide a community place your owners to go over usual issues acquire feedback, while however maintaining some types individual (payment, assignments, etc).

Power individuals can join types and brand new conversations, that really help down some other clients.

Respond back on the Go

Stay connected to your clients while you are down. Tender integrates effortlessly with e-mail. You can expect to see updates almost all latest communications, responds and can update discussions on the move by replying ordinarily to email messages. This is the workflow you might be already used to, enhanced!

Canned replies

An individual listen exactly the same query loads. In some cases a great deal. Offering Echo design templates that will help you recurring yourself. Produce typically re-used responses from scrape, or need one of the existing support masterpieces. Echo layouts you will save a great deal of your time while nonetheless allowing you to provide each reaction a personal push.

Form Items Out

Ensure that your discussions planned with lines: generate and assign lines by type (charging), goal (immediate), guy (Alex), or group (marketing). Utilizing filter systems, enable downline become focused best on discussions that are strongly related their unique resources.


Assignment works a little bit like queueing: you could potentially assign any talk to a particular team member together with possessing that topic within ore even more queues. Paper will never be visible to end-users, only your support employees, and in addition we’ll actually email their team members to allow for these people determine you have these people of the hook!

Always Bear In Mind Any Person

Sensitive can emphasize to a person as soon as a conversation has not received a reply within a month, per week, every single day, or an hour. Near stale talks and keep focused of muchos de we guaranteed to some one. Actions screens are available just to save the time!

All customers are vital, however some are specifically necessary to a person. You could developed special limited accessibility documents, discussions, and even ensure that your key customers bring priority interest in the mailbox.

Expert Stating

Track and look at incoming conversations by times, calendar month or 12 months. Look at the reports for each and every topic like impulse moments, responder brand, and quality experience. Research can help you find out any time extra staff memebers may be required, or show when certain events possess earned numerous demands.

Survive Your Own

Their Tender assistance website can live on a dominion. Utilizing specialty NejlepЕЎГ­ ДЌernГ© datovГЎnГ­ lokalit CSS and custom made JavaScript you can also make their Tender help internet site seem similar to website! Theming try a simpler approach to customize the appearance of their Tender without specialty CSS.

Single Sign-on

You are able to render a seamless adventure your associates. If they log into your site they are going to automatically signed in your support webpages nicely. We’re able to even add really inner techniques and put essential data regarding the user to the discussion. You may make any help and advice your computer offers visible to the support team!

Lighthouse »

If You Should Be searching for easy concern monitoring, check the aunt products — Lighthouse.

Adhere united states on Twitter And Youtube »

If you’d like to enquire people a simple concern or carry on as of yet with what we’re performing, adhere to @tenderapp.

Best, Simpler, Support Services Programs

Tender provides the tools you have to supply big support service.

Much Better, Simpler, Client Service Programs

Sensitive gives you the various tools you ought to supply excellent client service.

A feel for your own users

Accept updates, answer back on the run and use combination of keywords to rapidly do something!

Enable your owners to activate, display and reveal strategies. Retort in public areas, or even in exclusive.

Let buyers help on their own: swiftly answer common questions.

Go Ahead And Take journey В»

A better feel for your workforce

Allow suitable person reply to the best conversation with lines and tasks.

Sensitive quickly reminds that you follow through at best time so you do not have to.

Reports enable you to watch your own answer days, your very own yields together with your organization.

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